Volodymyr-Volynsky historical museum

One of the oldest collections of Volynian antiquities was founded in 1887: it is the time when the community of Volodymyr established a Collection of antiquities.

The Collection was aimed at preserving the antiquities and promoting scientific research. At the beginning of the XX century the Collection that became a prototype of the Historical Museum, included such items as blackletter books, manuscripts (the New Testament, XVI century), icons and coins. The museum was headed by a nobleman, an enthusiastic regional ethnographer O. Dvernytsky (1838-1906), the Head of St. Volodymyr Fellowship.

During the World War I a lot of exhibit items of the Collection were taken to the museums of Kharkiv.

In the time period between the World War I and the World War II the museum was moved to the buildings of a Dominican monastery, an architectural monument of XV-XVIII centuries.

Nowadays the core of the museum collection consisting of more than 18 000 items, includes archeological finds, numismatic and ethnographic collections, objects of arts and crafts, icons, written documents, blackletter books and photographic materials.

The museum collection emphasizes the history of the region, from the ancient times up to the XX century, thus many people come to see it. Nevertheless, it's not only the museum that is worth seeing. Architectural and archeological monuments of Volodymyr and its region are very interesting and attractive too.

The museum researchers take part in many scientific ethnographic conferences, archeological and ethnographic expeditions, investigate the history of Volynian land, organize educational classes for local schoolchildren and students.

The museum opens its doors to various thematic exhibitions of different artists.

The Volodymyr-Volynsky Historical Museum is a participant of the international project "Via Regia"

The museum cooperates with the Vohlynian and Rivne museums of Local Lore, Stefanyk Library of Lviv, Zamoyski Museum (Poland).

Nowadays the Volodymyr-Volynsky Historical Museum is situated in one of the best buildings of the city - an architectural monument of the beginning of XIX century.

Address: 6, Franko Str.,Volodymyr-Volynsky

+38 (03342) 2-19-11

Director: Volodymyr Stemkovsky

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday,

Sunday: 9.30 am. - 5.00 pm.


Володимир-Волинський історичний музей
Адреса: вул.І.Франка,6, пошт. індекс: 44700 тел. музею: (03342) 2-19-11 ел. пошта (e-mail): volodymyrmuseum@gmail.com
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